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About us

Mak Marriage is actively developed agency. We are using all new items in the marriage business for our agency. We offer a wide range of effective and modern ways of finding a life partner. We creatively and responsibly take your work and always ready to cooperate with you.

In our agency we have sociable staff and every customer is our friend. We are always ready to listen to you and support. Our clients are not only photos and profiles but real people with their dreams and principles. After becoming our agency member you will be surrounded by care and attention of our staff who will make up their efforts to make you satisfied with our work and you were able to find ypou life.

We will be with you from the first letter to the bridal wreath!

If you regester we will change your life!

What you need to know and consider if you decided to contact the agency wedding?

STEP 1: In order to get the desired results you need a good understanding of what goals you have set for yourself.

STEP 2: Specialist advice agencies who work to achieve your goals.

The program includes maintenance services of our psychologist and lawyers. Each person is different. Photos and personal data of customers do not give guarantee that this is the person you've been waiting for. Agencies need to objectively look at each client, learn his habits, interests, character comparisons. But only you make important decisions and choice in your life. Therefore, representatives of our agency will always be there and help in choosing the right path to a happy beginning of your relationship.

STEP 3: Personal meeting: Where and how?
Representatives of agencies organize personal meetings of men and women to help in their planning and communicating. Our task is not only to prepare the meeting but to help you to feel confident and calm.

STEP 4: Relationships in the distance: build your love that will not be destroyed by thousands of kilometers.

Agency customers should not feel the language barrier even if their native language is not learned properly. Consultants and translators will help you in correspondence and will give you the information about the features of the mentality and what topics relevant to residents of selected countries at the moment, and so on.

Step 5: Preparing to travel abroad.

At the beginning of cooperation with the agency you have already received the first consultation. Next agencies will discuss all the details on obtaining visas, training and gathering documents and contracts tickets.

Step 6: Wedding. Your first common concerns that bring you great satisfaction and unite your hearts forever.


Terms & conditions

Registration in the agency is only possible for persons above the age of 22 years.

For registration required your high quality photos (portrait, full size, favorite photos, a minimum of 3 pcs).

All fields in the form during registration should be filled. The application with false information is not taken into consideration and removed from the site.

 If you are not interested in candidate then it nothing from you is required.

Our agency will offer you a familiarity with the candidate who has a photo and complete information. Only you make a decision to meet the selected person. If you cancel meeting you should report the reasons for cancelation to the employee/manager of the agency.

The Agency will not share your telephone numbers and addresses. Only if you agree. Our agency has the right to provide additional information about our candidate which you like with his/her agreement.

Registration in the agency is only possible for persons above the age of 22 years.
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