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First meeting

The first meeting is very important because the first impression of a person plays a significant role. You will have time to prepare for this to look your best. During a meeting with a foreigner our agency will support you with a representative person who knows bouth languages fluently.

The main thing is to behave naturally balanced, kepp the conversation, smile and keep the rules of etiquette.
Your conversation depends on what you know about each other and how long you have kept in touch. In any case you need to think about questions that would help you learn more about the partner, his habits, interests, tastes and so on. Do not forget to thank for the meeting at the end of the conversation and if you are interested in this person then allow him to understand it. Do not tell the partner about problems or failures with others. Topic about your previous relationship should not be started. Try to describe your vision of a harmonious family life and to hear the opinion of your companion.

We would like to advice you to be careful and cautious when making important decisions. You are entirely responsible for the consequences of your actions.


Terms & conditions

Registration in the agency is only possible for persons above the age of 22 years.

For registration required your high quality photos (portrait, full size, favorite photos, a minimum of 3 pcs).

All fields in the form during registration should be filled. The application with false information is not taken into consideration and removed from the site.

 If you are not interested in candidate then it nothing from you is required.

Our agency will offer you a familiarity with the candidate who has a photo and complete information. Only you make a decision to meet the selected person. If you cancel meeting you should report the reasons for cancelation to the employee/manager of the agency.

The Agency will not share your telephone numbers and addresses. Only if you agree. Our agency has the right to provide additional information about our candidate which you like with his/her agreement.

Registration in the agency is only possible for persons above the age of 22 years.
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