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How to make a registration?

The main point is to be completely honest when registering. Be sure to find a man who will love you like you are.

Highlight the features that make you special, emphasize your individuality.

Do not forget to fill in your needs the application according to the candidates. Try first to imagine your partner in your mind. And not only appearance but also his/her psychological portrait. Ask yourself what person's features are most important for you. In the same time be sure to specify what you like and what you do not expect in your partner.

Always add photos as without them we can not post your application on our website.

If you do not enter your email address we will not be able to deliver gifts from your candidates.

Your contact information is confidential and will not appear online.


Terms & conditions

Registration in the agency is only possible for persons above the age of 22 years.

For registration required your high quality photos (portrait, full size, favorite photos, a minimum of 3 pcs).

All fields in the form during registration should be filled. The application with false information is not taken into consideration and removed from the site.

 If you are not interested in candidate then it nothing from you is required.

Our agency will offer you a familiarity with the candidate who has a photo and complete information. Only you make a decision to meet the selected person. If you cancel meeting you should report the reasons for cancelation to the employee/manager of the agency.

The Agency will not share your telephone numbers and addresses. Only if you agree. Our agency has the right to provide additional information about our candidate which you like with his/her agreement.

Registration in the agency is only possible for persons above the age of 22 years.
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