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We would like to offer you the following:

 — We guarantee to profile your information and your photos in our gallery, after all registration rules specified in the preceding paragraphs.
— Counsultation of psychologyst as it is the first step to change yourself, your life and relationships with others. It also helps to increase self-confidence, increase self-esteem, personal development and rise a level of mature personality.

— Legal advice.

— We provide services for registration: photographer and high quality photos for your profile.

— In the future, for meeting (if you both agree to it) for security reasons, we need to provide your partner with your full details to confirm your identity.

— In case if you do not speak a foreign language you will be provided with an interpreter which will help you to communicate during the meeting.

— We are helping to choose a venue for meetings with potential candidate and properly organize a warm atmosphere in communication.

— We are providing with professional decoration of flowers and perfumes of famous brands, souvenirs, soft toys, sweets, etc. Delivery of flowers, gifts, and more.

— Individual training clients (etiquette, language, Internet, PC, etc.).

— Organization of marriage tours.


 We also expect from you:

— Full cooperation of our employees and agencies in search of meeting the man or woman of your dreams.

— You need to write about yourself and explaine what kind of person you are looking for. Choose the best recent photos and with a completed application form together send to us.

— Also a prerequisite is to answer in time for the letters and everything that will come to you.

— All information provided by you to us must be true.

— Compliance with all terms of the contract.

— Responsible attitude to the work of the agency.



Terms & conditions

Registration in the agency is only possible for persons above the age of 22 years.

For registration required your high quality photos (portrait, full size, favorite photos, a minimum of 3 pcs).

All fields in the form during registration should be filled. The application with false information is not taken into consideration and removed from the site.

 If you are not interested in candidate then it nothing from you is required.

Our agency will offer you a familiarity with the candidate who has a photo and complete information. Only you make a decision to meet the selected person. If you cancel meeting you should report the reasons for cancelation to the employee/manager of the agency.

The Agency will not share your telephone numbers and addresses. Only if you agree. Our agency has the right to provide additional information about our candidate which you like with his/her agreement.

Registration in the agency is only possible for persons above the age of 22 years.
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